Steelhead Creek trash removed fall 2019

A drone provides aerial views of the illegal camping garbage.

Check out this survey prepared by Hammerdirt. The surveyed  area (213 feet in length,) out of the entire area cleaned (1,100 feet) helps to characterize the composition of the tons of garbage volunteers removed from Steelhead Creek on September 21, 2019. Roland Brady and Crystal Tobias organized the clean-up with the help of County Parks and other local agencies. The camping garbage is harmful to the natural area and the creek bed. It is also a public health hazard. Roland and Crystal will be heading up a clean-up of Steelhead Creek as part of Creek Week on April 18, 2020. They need hard-working volunteers who come dressed properly to protect themselves from the hazards at this site. (Boots, long pants, long sleeves, gloves.) Only abandoned campsites will be cleaned.

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