Arcade Creek

Arcade Creek Adopt a Creek Project

Arcade Creek has the largest drainage basin of all the local streams. It is 16.2 miles long and its basin area is about 19,000 acres or 29.7 square miles. It flows from Orangevale, northeast of Greenback Lane and Kenneth Avenue to the Sacramento River via the Natomas East Main Drainage Canal, also known as Steelhead Creek as it nears the confluence with the Sacramento River. This is an important salmonid habitat as it provides spawning areas for both Chinook salmon and Steelhead trout.

The creek is still partially bordered with blue interior and valley oaks. There are
scattered places with Fremont Cottonwood, small willows, and Oregon Ash. Because of the natural and open spaces, native vegetation in some areas persists, providing habitat for wildlife. Once this habitat was abundant; today it is quickly vanishing because of bordering land development.

With the help of individuals and groups, we can minimize further impacts of urbanization on waterways and keep them from becoming further overwhelmed by pollution. The Adopt a Creek Program can help improve the future health of our waterways. We are making a huge difference with Arcade Creek Adopt a Creek Project’s weekly cleanups but there is still much to do! We hope to have your help cleaning up this important urban waterway! Contact Bill at 916-601-9954 for this week’s “hotspot!”
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We are excited to help coordinate volunteer community cleanups whether done by individuals or a group. This effort is supported and encouraged by the Sacramento Area Creeks Council and the Arcade Creek Recreation and Park District.