Salmon Sighting Update – Arcade Creek

Dec. 19. 2016

John Mayfield reported a sighting of a Chinook salmon on a small tributary running through a residential/rural neighborhood north of Orange Grove Ave. This makes 6 now so far this fall!

Dec. 11, 2016John Mayfield reported sighting a large fish, most likely a salmon, swiftly swimming upstream under the Bus. 80 Bridge upstream of Watt Ave at about 9 a.m.  Randy Smith spotted a fish, a salmon or Steelhead, moving upstream quickly from the Pasadena Ave. footbridge about 10 a.m., about 2 miles upstream from the other fish at Bus. 80.

Dec. 4, 2016Randy Smith spotted the Chinook salmon pictured below just downstream from Garfield Avenue. Upon comparison with his earlier photo from Nov. 28 (see Nov. 30 blog post), Randy verified that this is the same fish based on the mottling pattern near the dorsal fin. (This salmon downstream from Garfield Avenue was verified by Bill Templin and Katie Cantrell).

Above photo by Randy Smith

See a complete report of salmon sightings by our volunteers on Arcade Creek since December of 2015

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