Using Creeks to Bring Science Lessons to Life!

Creeks naturally attract children of all ages. They are just about the right size body of water for easy exploration. With flowing water, wooded banks, a variety of wildlife – combined with a ready-made fascination – local creeks are an ideal resource for teaching science concepts.

Using creeks as outdoor classrooms provides concrete associations between students and their natural world. Understanding how human activities alter our environment in positive and negative ways allows students to become informed participants in their own futures. According to the State of California Department of Education, “research shows that environment-based education improves students’ academic performance and test scores, reduces discipline and attendance problems, and increases their ability to transfer knowledge to new contexts.”

Dipping Into Creeks is a packet of materials designed to provide the information and tools a teacher or youth leader needs to teach science concepts using creeks and creek habitat. The curriculum is full of projects and activities for grades 1-8, and correlates with the State of California Education Standards. Nature, science, biology, physical sciences, land use, ecology, conservation and natural resources are covered. Each packet includes:

  • Creek Activities – using creeks to bring science lessons to life.
  • Adopt a Creek – caring for a creek.
  • Quick and Easy Mini-activities – a variety of ways to learn and have fun at creeks or in the classroom.
  • In-depth Study Activities – Aquatic sciences and water quality stations.
  • Creek Life and Creek Ecology – a 60-page booklet for understanding creek ecosystems.
  • Glossary and Vocabulary – helpful words and concepts to review before you begin.
  • Other resources – a list of other opportunities.

Download Dipping Into Creeks pdf and Dipping Into Creeks Table of Contents.     

Creek Life & Creek Ecology – A Quick Guide presents the most common aquatic life and creekside residents that make up a typical Central Valley creek community. Line drawings accompany descriptions of plants and animals. This 60 page Quick Guide is available for download Creek Life & Creek Ecology – A Quick Guide.

Creek Week Mini-Grant for Art/Science Mentoring Projects Sacramento Schools – Teacher information Creek Map Dipping Into Creeks Creek Life – A Quick Guide More information on our Mini Grants Page.

In Sacramento, the Effie Yeaw Nature Center will be happy to offer a program for your classroom. You may contact them at 916-489-4918. There is a program fee.