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Welcome to Sacramento Area Creeks Council Website & Blog! The Sacramento Area Creeks Council preserves, protects, restores and maintains the natural streams in our communities through education, advocacy, financial support and technical expertise.

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2 responses to “Creek Peeks Blog”

  1. OK, so using education, advocacy, financial support and technical expertise, can you provide some examples of how the Sacramento Area Creeks Council:
    1) preserves natural streams?
    2) protects natural streams?
    3) restores natural streams?
    4) maintains natural streams?

  2. Thanks for asking these questions, Bill.
    I’m sure you know the answers and would like others to see them.
    1) People won’t care about preserving our natural streams if they don’t know anything about them. Awareness comes first. Advocacy happens at the planning policy level. Grants to schools and help from our expert members at creek presentations and field trips are some ways we lend financial support expertise.
    2) Creek Week volunteers protect our streams when they remove man-made garbage from them in the spring.
    3) Volunteers are restoring natural streams when they help us remove invasive plants and when they plant native plants.
    4) Maintenance of natural streams can sometimes be over-done. Some people think that trees and tree roots need to be cleared from banks to prevent flooding. This isn’t always the case.

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