Rescuing Wild Oak Seedlings

Blue Oak Island Conservation Area proposed near Del Paso Regional Park With protection and proper maintenance, these trees planted by California Scrub Jays, can provide shade, beauty, and biodiversity for generations to come. CalTransPlantingOaks Spring2020_Pg4

A Successful Creek Week 2013

Thank you to the 2,500 volunteers who cleaned Sacramento County’s creeks this spring. They removed close to 20 tons of garbage along 35 miles of waterway. The larger than normal garbage haul was due mostly to new clean-up locations in the Delta and Rancho Cordova.

Upcoming Fall Activities for Creek Lovers

Choose from indoor and outdoor activities – work or play. Sacramento Area Creeks Council board meets at 6:30 pm on Monday, September 17 at 4855 Hamilton Street. Please join us and learn about how you can help us continue our work for Sacramento’s creeks. Visit our exhibit at Nature Fest on Saturday, October 7 from […]

Creek Peeks Blog

Welcome to Sacramento Area Creeks Council Website & Blog! The Sacramento Area Creeks Council preserves, protects, restores and maintains the natural streams in our communities through education, advocacy, financial support and technical expertise. We’d love to hear from you!┬áPost articles, announcements, commentary, requests, or messages related to creeks or relevant environmental issues on our Creek […]

The Arcade Creek Project at Mira Loma High School

By Alexandra Johnson Behind the brick buildings and amidst the uproar of afternoon traffic, the Arcade Creek continues to serve a unique purpose. For nearly a decade now, the Arcade Creek has been the center of a year-round science project for the International Baccalaureate students at Mira Loma High School. The Arcade Creek Project is […]

Cleaning Steelhead Creek

by Libby Harmor Valley View Acres is a rural neighborhood in North Natomas bordered on two sides by Steelhead Creek and the Ueda Parkway. The east levee of the creek is a front or back fence for many residents. The parkway and creek are used year round for bike riding, horseback riding, dog walking, hiking, […]

Is Your Garden Creek Friendly?

by Betty Cooper It’s a great feeling to see all that trash piled up after a Creek Week Cleanup. But what can we do to help creeks every day, around our own homes? The choices we make in our gardens and home landscaping can contribute to the long-term health of our creeks, even if we […]

Mosquito Fish, Friend or Foe?

by Bill Templin Mosquito fish (Gambusia sp.) are small fish (1.5 – 2.5 inches) that tolerate a wide range of temperatures and are used as a predator of mosquito larvae in many diverse aquatic habitats throughout the world. With all of the attention being given locally to aerial spraying to control mosquitoes and reduce West […]

Pyrethroids in Creeks

by Dave Tamayo, Pesticide Control Program Manager, Sacramento County Stormwater Program Way back at the end of the last century (the 1990s), the Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership (or SSQP, which includes Sacramento County and the cities of Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Galt, Rancho Cordova, and Sacramento) found that the water in local creeks was […]

Dry Creek Salmon Count

by Bill Templin, Board Member, Sacramento Urban Creeks Council and Upper American River Foundation Once again, a good volunteer turnout of over 30 people participated in walking 16 reaches of Dry Creek and it’s tributaries including Secret Ravine, Miner’s Ravine, Antelope Creek, Linda Creek, and Cirby Creek. The intrepid volunteers were documenting the number of […]