Soil Conservation Project on the Bank of Arcade Creek

A big thank you to Tim Vendlinski for being the brains behind this complicated repair. Thanks to the Mira Loma High School “Special Ops Team” for supplying the brawn on Saturday, April 29.   We are proud to count this soil conservation effort as a Creek Week 2017 project!    soil conservation effort – more photos and story

Roots of nearby mature oaks were being exposed as the gully formed; for scale, see the hand tool at top of the picture.
Blanket being anchored into top of the slope. This specially made fabric is made with biodegradable materials that turn into compost as the project ages – we need to transition away from erosion control materials wrapped in plastic mesh.
As his classmates filled-in and packed the ruts and gully below, George began setting pins to anchor the blanket to the face of the slope.
Once the soil was packed, we scored and top-seeded the surface with three species of native grass – California fescue, purple needle-grass, and creeping wild rye from Hedgerow Farms (courtesy of Zarah Wyly at the Sacramento Tree Foundation).


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