Horsing Around Ueda Parkway during Creek Week 2005!

By Bill Templin

photo by Bill Templin
photo by Bill Templin

This year Creek Week offered a new activity, a horseback tour of the Ueda Parkway! The idea was Barbara Eggleston’s and it was a good one. What a great way to spend a beautiful Sacramento Saturday morning in spring. It had been quite a while since I had last ridden a horse, but as they say -It’s just like riding a bike, it comes right back to you.- This ride was held on an absolutely beautiful spring day and was well timed between all of those rainstorms. The scenery in the Ueda Parkway and Hansen Ranch was beautifully pastoral and the view from horseback was much better than on foot.

Barb borrowed this cute little pony to ride, as her horse was under the weather on this day. Thanks to Barbara Longo for loaning me a horse to ride and to all of the attendees who provided me so much encouragement and guidance.

The wild flowers and waterfowl were in abundance but only about ten horse persons enjoyed this first year’s ride. Hopefully next year many more people will be able to enjoy the experience, and I highly recommend that they do!

For more information on Ueda Parkway you can visit the Natomas Journal’s Ueda map and the Journal’s Place In the City

This article originally appeared in our 2005 Summer Newsletter

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