The Sacramento Area Creeks Council preserves, protects, restores and maintains the natural streams in our urban communities through education, advocacy, financial support and technical expertise. Our goal is to educate the general public on the aesthetic, recreational, educational, and ecological value of our urban creeks.
Anyone who values the Sacramento Valley watershed — including the natural creeks in our communities — and who would like to participate in the ever-challenging effort to preserve our region’s fragile — and vulnerable — creeks is invited to become a member of the Sacramento Area Creeks Council.
Each tax-deductible annual membership includes a newsletter, meeting announcements, and detailed information about ongoing events and activities. Sacramento Area Creeks Council is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax deductible. Fed. ID # 26-3676166
We seek to promote public and private care of natural streams through education, advocacy and hands-on activity. Educational materials, workshops and field outings are some of the tools we use to achieve our goals. Others include:
  • Annual community-wide creek cleanup events during “Creek Week”.
  • Participation in the decision-making processes that affect the health of area creeks.
  • Distribution of educational materials that encourage the teaching of science concepts.
  • Participation in the land use planning process to promote creek preservation, sound flood control project design, habitat restoration and effective stream bank stabilization methods.
  • Support of on-going volunteer water quality monitoring efforts.
  • Co-sponsoring of grants to preserve and restore creeks and their natural corridors.
  • Educational and community workshops on creek issues, such as the Aquatic Institute for teachers.
We offer educational materials and participate in neighborhood fairs and public events. We work with schools, neighborhoods, and youth groups to encourage creek clean ups and restoration. We cooperate with city and county efforts to reduce pollution from stormwater runoff and cooperate with other organizations to monitor development along stream corridors. Membership is open to all who want to participate. Board meetings are generally held the third Monday of each month at the Arcade Creek Recreation and Park District. Please call (916) 454 – 4544 for specific meeting dates and times. For more information about the Sacramento Area Creeks Council, its programs and how you can get involved: Contact Us: (916) 454 – 4544 PO Box 162774 Sacramento, California 95816 Email: Join Our Blog We’d love to hear from you!┬áPost articles, announcements, commentary, requests, or messages related to creeks or relevant environmental issues to our Creek Peeks Blog.

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