Many of you may not know that we have Chinook salmon in some of our local urban creeks!

If you live by a creek, please let Bill Templin  know if you’re seeing salmon in your local creek.

If you are interested in learning more about this and would like to get some first-hand experience…

Gregg Bates leads Salmon Surveys on Dry Creek near Eureka Rd. in Roseville.

This year Gregg held a survey on Friday Nov. 4 and is holding one this Friday, Dec. 2.

Bill Templin leads Salmon Surveys on Arcade Creek near Watt Ave and American River College…

Last winter, Bill and volunteers documented the first Chinook in Arcade Creek (2 live, 1 carcass).

So far this year, 3 Chinook Salmon have been reported and one has been photographed so far!!salmon-in-arcade-creek-2016-november

This is the first male we’ve documented since we began monitoring Arcade Creek in December 2015!

If you are interested in helping please contact Bill at or Gregg at

Thanks for your interest!!!