Salmon spotted in Arcade Creek

160208 salmon photoDecember 26, 2015 – Bill Templin and Doug Masterson documented and photographed a live Chinook Salmon at the USGS Gaging Station in Arcade Creek just upstream of Watt Ave. Photo to the left.

Dec. 27, 2015 – Randy Smith, local resident along Arcade Creek reported having seen a Chinook Salmon swimming in Arcade Creek near the foot bridge near Pasadena Ave.

Feb. 6, 2016 – Bill Templin, Regan Morey and Randy Smith documented and photographed a 27″ female Chinook Salmon upstream of Auburn Blvd.

Feb. 7, 2016 – Randy Smith spoke with Ken Copeland and Bill Templin confirmed on Feb. 8, 2016 that Ken and his daughter Kelly reported observing a salmon over 20 inches long in a pool upstream of a beaver dam on Arcade Creek upstream of the “pipe bridge” at American River College.                           For more info and pictures…

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