McClellan Park West Nature Area

by Brian Sytsma Tucked away in the western portion of the former McClellan Air Force Base, now known as McClellan Park, lays a unique natural resource area, called the “West Nature Area.” This 220-acre parcel of land is home to a wide variety of plants and wildlife. With the exception of a small rice farming […]

Salmon in Arcade Creek

by Alta Tura A group of Mira Loma High School students observed a salmon in Arcade Creek on November 18. Greg Suba, a former science teacher who happened to be with the students that day, reports that the fish was swimming in a pool of rancid water darkened by the tannin that had leached out […]

Creek Critters: May Flies

by Bonnie Ross Mayflies are found in a diverse array of aquatic habitats from standing water to cold and rapid head-water streams. They are ecologically very important; essentially being the first-order consumers in all water bodies they inhabit. As a preferred for most aquatic and terrestrial insectivores, they survive by sheer numbers alone. Mayflies were […]

One-Day Salmon Count

Excerpts from an article by Gary W. Flanagan, president of the Granite Bay Flycasters Association I remember reading an article in Field and Streamwhen I was about ten or eleven years old. I was living in K-part housing at Mather AFB. The article was titled “How to tell the difference between a “Creek” and a […]

Thoughts From a Local Biologist

By Tim Pafford Reprinted from Watershed, the Dry Creek Conservancy newsletter When I was a little boy, I was always messing around with water. I remember an incident of playing in rain-swollen puddles one stormy winter day after being sent home from kindergarten with a high fever. And I often came home muddy and wet […]