Promoting Stewardship, Preserving Biodiversity

by Frank Wallace Project Director, Sacramento Weed Warriors The American River Parkway and riparian areas along creeks throughout Sacramento are being invaded. The invaders are non-native plants, such as red sesbania, Spanish broom, arundo (giant reed), yellow star thistle, Chinese tallow tree, pampas grass, and others. So what’s wrong with these plants that have come […]

Creek Critters: The Giant Water Bug

by Bonnie Ross This is the first in a series of articles about aquatic insects. By way of introduction, an extinct relative of the modern-day mayfly was first detected in 250 million year old rocks. Today, 30,000 aquatic insect species representing 12 insect orders have been named. There are even aquatic members of the butterfly […]

New Communities – New Creeks

Mather The neighborhood of Independence at Mather formed a committee headed by Susan Crocker. They were concerned about the garbage in Morrison Creek where it ran by their homes and in nearby Mather Regional Park. Fourty enthusuastic neighbors helped to clean the creek. Because they feel so good about the effort, they are planning another […]

West Nile Virus and Urban Creeks

by Dave Tamayo, Trustee Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District West Nile Virus (WVN) has been in the news a lot recently, especially since it appeared in Southern California last year. It is almost certain to arrive in Sacramento this year. Since WNV is spread to humans by mosquitoes which breed in water, it helps […]